Spektrum Transmitter Lineup

Spektrum™ Dual Protocol was developed exclusively by Spektrum from the ground up to work not only with the dependable SLT Technology 2.4GHz system but it also unlocks the potential of upgrading the transmitter to any Spektrum DSMR Technology transmitter. Working in conjunction with an SR315 Receiver included in many Ready-to-Run vehicles, the Spektrum Dual Protocol provides an easy path for you to upgrade to a better or best Spektrum transmitter such as the DX5C, DX5 Rugged or DX5 Pro.


The advanced functionality available with Spektrum Dual Protocol makes it easy to integrate into ready-to-run vehicles from ARRMA®, Axial®, and Losi® brands. Many of these are factory-equipped with a Spektrum SLT3 3-Channel Transmitter and SR315 receiver onboard. With this technology, you can upgrade your transmitter to any Spektrum DSMR Technology transmitter. No other changes or additions are needed!

After putting it all together, with no additional receivers or modules, you’ll be able to take advantage of more advanced Spektrum technologies and programming options. Spektrum transmitters feature high-end ergonomics allowing you to feel less fatigued as you drive for hours at the track or on the trails. Plus, you get more channel control and versatility for unlocking other vehicle features such as winches, lights, and more.

Additionally, you can upgrade to the Spektrum Smart ecosystem to provide real-time telemetry like battery voltage, RPM, and speed, directly from a Smart ESC into the transmitter without the clutter and cost of additional cords and components.