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Learn how to use our brand assets and showcase content from the Spektrum brand.

The Spektrum brand is one of our most valuable assets. We want our users to become advocates for our brand and to help us use it consistently. The elements that make our brand identity includes the colors, graphics, logos, and imagery used to communicate. The fundamental building blocks tell our story and shapes people's perception of Spektrum.

What's Next? Explore our Spektrum Brand Style Guide to learn how to bring the Spektrum brand to life.

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Click on the logo to download the logo pack, which contains assets for print, screen printing, and web use.

Spektrum Logo Assets

Spektrum Technology Logo Assets

Spektrum Smart Technology Logo Assets


Don't use Spektrum brand assets on any tangible goods or packaging, including any promotional, marketing, swag, or other items for commercial use.
All Spektrum logos are registered trademarks and require ® notices.
The logo should always be used as downloaded and never recreated.
There are no approved modifications to the logo.
The logo should always bear the registration mark.
There should be sufficient clear space around the logo to let it breathe and prevent its clarity and visual impact from being obstructed.
The Spektrum logo artwork should never be altered or recreated. Only use the approved files when producing and applying the Spektrum brand.
Do not distort the logo or to alter its proportions in any way.
Do not manipulate or change the positions or proportions of our logos.
Do not copy the logo with other lettering or to make additional attachments of any kind.
Do not reproduce or use the logo in any other colors than those defined by Spektrum.