AVC® (Active Vehicle Control®)

AVC Technology

From the people who pioneered 2.4GHz radio systems for model hobbies comes the ultimate performance upgrade for RC cars, buggies, and trucks—Spektrum™ AVC® (Active Vehicle Control®). With AVC, you can dial in extra stability as needed to carve corners or nail jumps without backing off the power. Using steering and throttle management features, this system allows you to push the limits and realize your vehicle's true potential. Rough terrain, slick surfaces, loose dirt—you have full-throttle freedom whatever the road throws at you.



Need better traction on slick or loose surfaces? With Spektrum AVC, you can design the perfect amount of stability. The AVC system senses when your tail starts to get loose and makes instantaneous throttle adjustments, so more of your power goes to forward momentum and less to wheel spin. When you don’t want the extra traction, dial back the stability and get loose.


You can hammer the throttle and let the AVC system deal with the physics of driving fast. It will sense any drift in momentum or direction the instant it occurs and make tiny steering and throttle adjustments—as many as 180 per second—so you can keep the throttle pinned. The best part is that it feels completely natural. You won’t sense any interference or limits on your control. It simply feels like you are driving an expertly tuned vehicle that handles beautifully at high speed.


During hard acceleration, throttle and steering assist work in concert to channel more of your power into forward momentum. You’ll reach top speeds faster because you’re wasting less energy on significant steering corrections and wheel spin.


The goal with cornering is to wait as long as possible to brake when entering a turn and get on the throttle as fast as possible when leaving it. The Spektrum AVC system works behind the scenes, making hundreds of steering and throttle adjustments per second to keep you precisely on the line you want to hold. Suppose you have a Spektrum RC transmitter with AVC programming. In that case, you can independently set the amount of steering and throttle management the system provides to match your driving style and surface conditions better.


Ready-To-Run vehicles equipped with the Spektrum AVC system feel expertly tuned right out of the box. Few, if any, adjustments to linkage or suspension are required to maximize performance.


With AVC, drivers can tune the effects the technology has on throttle and steering output and assign modes that can be changed on the fly for easy tuning for different driving conditions.


Whether your vehicle is gas or electric, drag racer or trailblazer, AVC can make your model drive better on any surface. It can be tough to maintain control when driving fast on rugged terrain. The AVC system's steering and throttle management work harmoniously to keep you headed in the right direction.


AVC, when appropriately tuned, provides drivers with more control. It reads your control inputs, senses your car's trajectory, and makes as many as 180 steering and power adjustments per second so you can hold the line without holding back. It doesn’t drive for you; it brings that “locked-in” feeling. From on-road straightaways to off-road berms, you are in complete control.


At the heart of Active Vehicle Control is a Spektrum AVC receiver. These receivers use a combination of sensors and exclusive software to make their lightning-fast steering and power adjustments. The system's amount of stability is adjusted using specially equipped Spektrum transmitters.

Steering Assist reacts faster than you ever could to keep your front wheels pointed in the right direction when they get knocked around by surface conditions. Whether drag racing and need to drive perfectly straight or hammering the throttle on an off-road adventure, the technology keeps drivers in control in even the most brutal terrain. If the steering wheel is released or returned to the center, it can hold the vehicle straight during aggressive acceleration and braking.

Throttle Assist works like a full-scale car's traction control or stability system. It senses any drift in momentum or direction and instantly adjusts power to prevent tail slides. It automatically adjusts power output to help keep the rear in line with the direction you want to go. The result is less wheel spin and faster acceleration. Whether heading into a turn with too much speed or driving on a slippery surface where traction is minimized, throttle assist maximizes traction when needed the most.

On-Demand Adjustability means you can choose the correct driving style and terrain settings. The amount of stability assistance an AVC system delivers can be adjusted on the fly using a compatible Spektrum transmitter. You can even turn the system off if you want. The number and range of adjustments you can make depend on the transmitter.

Drive Modes utilized on more advanced Spektrum transmitters allows you to change your AVC settings quickly with the flip of a switch. Easily go from an expertly tuned and stable drive to a burnout, donut monster with Drive Modes.


In the past, drivers had to perform a model reset or recalibrate AVC every time they wanted to bind a Spektrum AVC transmitter. The latest innovation in AVC technology is Auto Calibration—a new and easier way for you to experience Spektrum AVC.

With the latest technology and hardware, there is no longer any need to manually calibrate the steering and throttle endpoints on your AVC receivers. These settings are now communicated from the transmitter’s settings to the receiver, streamlining calibration and getting you started quickly. AVC automatically initializes and calibrates the 3-axis gyro system during start-up. All you need to do is power on, place the vehicle flat and on its wheels, wait a few seconds and GO!

On the other hand, if you are reprogramming your radio, adding a new receiver, or updating the electronics, you will need to follow these binding and calibration steps:

  1. Place vehicle on its wheels (level) and motionless (not moving).
  2. Press and hold the bind button on the receiver.
  3. Power on the receiver. The orange LED flashes, indicating the receiver is in bind mode. Release the bind button after the orange LED illuminates.
  4. Put your transmitter in bind mode. Please make sure the vehicle is on its wheels (level) and still.
  5. The steering will twitch after a few seconds, indicating the system is bound, calibrated, and connected. The orange LED on the receiver will remain solidly lit.

UPGRADING YOUR FLEET - AVC in your vehicle is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

STEP 1 - Install

Installing an AVC receiver is simple. First, remove the existing receiver, match the connections, and securely mount the AVC capable receiver with double-sided tape.

STEP 2 - Bind and Calibrate

Binding and calibration happen simultaneously. Additionally, calibration is entirely automatic.

STEP 3 – Drive and Tune

Drive your model and adjust the steering gain until the wheels track straight at full throttle. Then tune Throttle and Priority settings for optimal acceleration and cornering. Always consult the transmitter manual regarding the proper setup of the AVC channels.

For the best user experience, make sure you are up to date.