S100 1x100W USB-C Smart Charger, 65W USB-C GaN Power Supply Combo

Spektrum - Item No. SPMXC2090C
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The Spektrum™ S100 Smart USB-C Charger brings today's most advanced and user-friendly charging technology to RC pilots and drivers of all skill levels. Matched with the included Spektrum 65W Power Block, enthusiasts get incredible functionality and performance in a compact size.

Spektrum S100 1x100W USB-C Smart Charger (SPMXC2090)

With its up to 100W power, new user interface, and ability to fast charge Smart batteries on either the IC3® or IC5® integrated output port, the S100 charger offers a versatile and truly hassle-free charging experience. You can charge a wide range of RC battery with the S100 charger. Use it together with Smart batteries, and you'll be amazed by its incredible functionality and performance.

When the batteries charge lead is connected, the S100's Auto Charge feature recognizes your Smart battery's parameters, such as chemistry type and charge rate, and begins safe, correct charging.

Balancing Smart batteries is just as simple. The S100 charger will balance your Smart G2 packs through the same single IC connection used for charging. No separate, confusing balance leads are required.

Powered by an included USB-C cable, the S100 is a convenient charging solution for those new to RC. There’s nothing else required to charge your compatible battery.

Spektrum 65W Power Block (SPMX-1027)

The Spektrum 65W Power Block stands out from traditional USB-C converters with its ability to deliver higher power in such a small size. This compact device, powered by Gallium Nitride electronic components, is perfect for converting AC input power to USB-type DC output. Its foldable AC input terminals make it easy to store. It's the ideal companion to get the most out of the S100 1x100W USB-C Smart Charger in this package!

Spektrum S100 1x100W USB-C Smart Charger Features

  • Charges up to 4S LiPo/LiFe/LiHV batteries
  • Advanced, user-friendly Smart charging technology that fits into any hobby budget
  • Meter display shows available wattage on startup, making it easy to know how much power your USB power supply can deliver
  • Delivers up to 100W of charging power with appropriately rated power supply and USB-C cable
  • Charges AND balances Smart G2 batteries with one simple IC3® or IC5® connection — no separate balance lead needed
  • Auto Charge recognizes Smart battery charging parameters and begins safe, accurate charging automatically when connecte
  • Includes an efficient, low-noise cooling fan
  • Sleek, sturdy case fits well on a workbench and in pit or field bags
  • Charges a wide range of RC LiPo battery (use Smart batteries to benefit from all charger features)
  • Smart software tracks and stores numerous smart battery data
  • Includes IC3® and IC5® charging output ports — eliminating the need for a separate IC3® or IC5® adapter to charge Spektrum Smart batteries
  • IC3® and IC5® connectors are backward compatible with EC3™ and EC5™ connectors

Spektrum 65W Power Block Features

  • Fast power: 65-watt USB power delivery
  • Gallium Nitride technology: Gallium Nitride (GaN) components waste less power and produce less heat, resulting in higher efficiency operation
  • Compact size: A small but powerful design delivers power without the bulk of other power blocks
  • Portability: The design includes a foldable plug for travel-friendly portability
  • Safety features: Integrated over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection to keep connected devices safe


RC Model Battery Charger
Peak Detection
Short Circuit Protection
Battery Type
LiFe (3.3V per cell), LiHV (3.8V per cell), LiPo (3.7V per cell), Smart NiMH (1.2V per cell)
PC Connectivity
LiPo Compatibility
Input Voltage
DC 5.0 - 20.0V, USB-C
Part Type
Battery Balance Connector
Battery Temperature Monitoring
Integrated Balancing
Yes - Internal Balancer & External Adapter
Low Input Voltage Protection
Software Updates
Number of Output Ports
Selectable Charge Rate
Connector Type
IC3, IC5
Maximum Charge Rate
1A / 2A / 3A / 6A User Selectable
Thermal Protection
Over Current Protection