iX20SE 20-Channel DSMX Transmitter Combo with AR20400T PowerSafe Receiver

Spektrum - Item No. SPMR20110C
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This is a combo that includes the iX20SE Special Edition 20-Channel Transmitter (SPMR20110) and the AR20400T 20-Channel Powersafe Receiver (SPMAR20400T).

(1) iX20SE Special Edition 20-Channel DSMX Transmitter (SPMR20110)

(1) AR20400T 20-Channel Powersafe Telemetry Receiver (SPMAR20400T)


The most powerful, intelligent, and feature-packed Spektrum™ transmitter to date, the 20-channel iX20 has given accomplished pilots the tools they need to fly today's most advanced, high-performance aircraft. This Special Edition version includes all of the original's programming and connectivity innovations and adds exclusive upgrades, making the iX20 SE a uniquely pro-class flying experience.

The Spektrum™ AR20400T PowerSafe™ receiver is a feature-packed 20 channel receiver with integrated full-range telemetry. Spektrum PowerSafe receivers are designed for models using numerous servos and accessories that draw excess current such as those found on giant-scale airplanes and jet models.

iX20SE Special Edition 20-Channel DSMX Transmitter Features

  • Hall-effect sensor quad-bearing gimbals made of premium machined aluminum
  • Special Edition dual transmitter case
  • High-quality, lanyard style neck strap
  • 20 fully proportional channels
  • 720p HD high-resolution color, 5-inch Android touchscreen interface
  • Superb ergonomics by Mirco Pecorari and AircraftStudioDesign
  • Text-to-speech voice alerts—type it and iX20 will say it
  • Intuitive Spektrum AirWare™ Touch programming app
  • Bluetooth connectivity with compatible devices
  • Smart Telemetry compatibility, including Smart battery and Smart ESC support with multiple screens and warnings
  • Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity for internet access
  • Camera included for taking model images or photos/videos
  • Easy access to updates, apps and online content
  • Capacitive-touch (on/off) switching technology
  • On-the-Fly trim capability lets you fine tune special mixes in flight
  • Accepts G2 AirWare™ firmware model setups
  • Dual 2.4GHz antennas deliver industry-leading diversity and reliability
  • Compatible with long-range Crossfire technology and the CRSF protocol
  • High-capacity 10,500mAh Li-Ion battery pack
  • 11ms frame rate with compatible receivers
  • Voice alerts over speaker, headphones or Bluetooth
  • Convenient Micro-USB charging and connectivity
  • 250-model internal memory, plus SD card storage support
  • Built-In telemetry support
  • Wireless trainer link
  • Optional orange side and rear grips included

AR20400T 20-Channel PowerSafe Telemetry Receiver Features

  • Patented PowerSafe™ redundancy system with dual battery input ports with IC3 connectors. Perfect for power hungry aircraft and high current servo applications drawing up to 35A (50A max burst)
  • Forward programming allows for easy adjustments to failsafe settings, servo frame rate settings and more
  • Micro USB port for easy product registration and firmware updates
  • 12V capable for use with 12 volt servo applications (must be activated via Forward Programming)
  • Integrated battery capacity monitor automatically reports the battery capacity used during flight and can reset automatically when fully charged batteries are installed
  • Integrated Black Box telemetry log saves all telemetry data automatically when a Micro SD card is installed (Micro SD card not included)
  • Integrated status LED provides helpful information during start up, warnings and mode indicators
  • SRXL2 connectivity for easy, one wire connection to supported devices
  • Ready to use with Spektrum Smart ESC for one-wire telemetry data without the need of modules, links and wires
  • Receiver pack energy & voltage sensor and flight log telemetry data available without the need for additional sensors
  • Full range telemetry with integrated barometer to provide altitude and vario telemetry without additional modules
  • Included Soft Switch allows servo current to be routed around the switch, so if the switch fails for any reason, power to the system will not be interrupted.
  • Rubber grommet hard mounts and minimalistic labeling helps produce the cleanest model setups
  • Capable of high-speed 11ms frame rates
  • Binding is easier than ever with four options to initiate the bind process
  • Integrated telemetry with built-in ports for RPM, flight pack voltage, temperature sensors and X-bus for telemetry sensor expansion
  • Compatible with all Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX transmitters
  • Not compatible with Spektrum AS3000 Stabilization Module
  • Not compatible with DSM2 AIRMOD JR Module (SPMMSJR720)


Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type
Lithium Ion, 3.7V 1S 10,500mAh with XH-1S connector
1024 or 2048
User Selectable Mode 1-4
Color Screen
Frame Rate
11ms, 22ms
Model Memory
Completion Level
Transmitter and Reciever