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DSM2 Technology

The 2.4GHz Technology that Sent RC Into the Future

DSM2™ is the 2nd generation of Spektrum DSM® technology and remains a premier 2.4GHz choice even today. Using the same superior wideband DSSS foundation that all Spektrum technology is based on, DSM2 consistently provides faster response and more precision than most non-DSM 2.4GHz protocols.

The Signal Security of DualLink™

In aircraft transmitters, DSM2 uses DuaLink™ technology to ensure a superior RF link between you and your model. When a DSM2-equipped aircraft transmitter is switched on, DualLink scans for two free channels in the 2.4GHz band. When it finds them, the DSM2 aircraft receiver, which "listens" for its transmitter's distinct GUID, will lock on to two free channels. And because the coding gain of a DSM2 wideband signal allows it to be "heard" above the 2.4GHz noise in typical RC environments, you will enjoy a solid connection and outstanding precision even without frequency shifts. In fact, for many modelers, DSM2 will continue to provide all the speed and precision they'll ever want long after future versions of DSM technology are developed.