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AVC® Technology

With a Spektrum™ AVC® (Active Vehicle Control®) system, you can literally dial in extra stability as needed so you can carve corners or nail jumps without having to back off the power. Rough terrain, slick surfaces, loose dirt—you have full-throttle freedom whatever the road throws at you.

Why drive with an AVC system?

On-Demand Traction Control

You can dial in extra stability when you want better traction on slick or loose surfaces. The AVC system will sense when your tail starts to get loose and make instantaneous throttle adjustments so more of your power goes to forward momentum and less to wheel spin. When you don’t want the extra traction, just dial back the stability and get loose.

Reach Higher Top Speeds

You can hammer the throttle and let the AVC system deal with the physics of driving fast. It will sense any drift in momentum or direction the instant it occurs and make minute steering and throttle adjustments—as many as 180 per second—so you can keep the throttle pinned. The best part is it feels completely natural. You won’t sense any interference or limits on your control. It will simply feel like you are driving an expertly tuned vehicle that handles beautifully at high speed.

Accelerate Faster

During hard acceleration, throttle and steering assist work in concert to channel more of your power into forward momentum. You’ll reach top speeds faster because you’re wasting less energy on large steering corrections and wheel spin.

Faster Cornering

Wait longer to brake when entering a turn and get on the throttle faster when leaving it. The AVC system works behind the scenes, making hundreds of minute steering and throttle adjustments per second, to keep you precisely on the line you want to hold. If you have a Spektrum transmitter with AVC programming, you can independently set the amount of steering and throttle management the system provides to better match your driving style and surface conditions.

Dialed-In Response Out of the Box

Ready-To-Run vehicles equipped with the AVC system feel "dialed in" right out of the box. Few, if any, adjustments to linkage or suspension are required to maximize performance.

AVC Advantages



On-demand traction control
Works in any vehicle from any brand
Independent adjustment of steering
and throttle management*
“Blinky” deactivation mode
for sanctioned races
Patented** heading lock feature
for high-speed acceleration
Driver priority software keeps you,
not the system, in control
Throttle assist to prevent fishtailing
and spin outs

** US Patent 9,320,977

*Requires 4-channel computer transmitter

See how AVC works

Add AVC to virtually any vehicle

The Spektrum SRS4220 AVC Receiver can be installed in virtually any 1/18, 1/10, 1/8 or larger scale vehicle. If you own vehicles from any of the following manufacturers*, equip your rig with AVC now to unleash your vehicles performance potential! *The AVC system is not recommended for use in RC boats.

AVC compatible brands

And Many More!

Equip your vehicle with AVC

DX4C DSMR 4-Channel
AVC Surface Radio System SPM4210


DX4S DSMR 4-Channel
AVC Surface Radio System SPM4010


DSMR 4-Channel
AVC Surface Receiver

AVC Receiver

Already own a Spektrum transmitter? Upgrade to AVC with the SRS4220 AVC receiver.

Click here to view how your transmitter will work with the AVC system


Radio Steering Adjustibility Throttle Sensitivity
(DSMR Versions)
Adjust via Steering Rate Knob
(Steering and throttle adjusted simultaneously)
All other 2‐Channel
DSM2 Transmitters
Steering and throttle gain fixed at 50%
(All 3-Channel DSM2 Transmitters)
Adjust via Aux 1
(Steering and throttle adjusted simultaneously)
(Software versions v1.1 and earlier)*
Adjust via Aux 1
(Steering and throttle adjusted simultaneously)
(Software versions v1.2 and earlier)*
Adjust via Aux 1 Adjust via Aux 2
(Software versions v1.2 and earlier)*
Adjust via Aux 1 Adjust via Aux 2

*Register your product via the Spektrum Community website in order to download the most up-to-date software version

Watch AVC In Action

    AVC Equipped Products