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Spektrum Quad Race Serial Receiver w/telemetry



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Spektrum Quad Race Serial Receiver w/telemetry

Item #: SPM4649T


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Key Features

  • Small size and lightweight design
  • Works with most popular flight controllers
  • Single line connection provides output to FC while receiving telemetry input from FC or battery
  • Dual antennas for optimal range and RF performance

Product Specifications

1.2 inch (30mm)
0.6 inch (16mm)
0.2 inch (6mm)
0.1 ounce (3 grams)
Voltage Range:
Receiver: 4.0v-7.5v / Vbatt Port: 6.0v-25.2v


The SPM4649T quad racing serial receiver offers full-range performance with integrated telemetry providing FPV racing enthusiasts with a serial receiver that can transmit vital telemetry data. Like SPM4648, the 4649T offers a 1-wire serial connection that is compatible with most flight controllers and an input for telemetry data such RPM, battery voltage and a whole lot more. Spektrum enthusiasts with telemetry capable transmitters such as the DX6, DX8, DX9 or DX18 can now receive on-demand telemetry data, and by using the voice functionality of compatible G2 transmitters, can have specific telemetry data outputted via the on-board audio system.

Telemetry options include: 
   Provided directly from receiver
          - Flight log data
          - Battery voltage
          - RPM
          - Lap Timer
   Provided by external device e.g.: Flight Controller 
          - Flight log if using more than 1 receiver
          - Battery voltage
          - RPM
          - Lap Timer
          - Current draw and total mAh consumption
          - Temperature 
           - All other data the FC can send that we support such as GPS, accelerometer date, ESC data, etc...

Manuals and Support

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SERVICE BULLETIN: DSMX Quad Race Serial Receiver with Telemetry (SPM4649T)

January 25, 2017
Download PDF Version Here

Product: DSMX Quad Race Serial Receiver with Telemetry

Issue: It has come to the attention of Horizon Hobby, LLC that the maximum voltage to the Spektrum SPM4649T remote serial receiver should not exceed 7.5 volts.

What To Do: You may use the Spektrum SPM4649T Remote Serial Receiver between the voltages of 4 - 7.5V. Do not exceed 7.5V.


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