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AS3X System

Agility and Stability in Perfect Harmony

Since the beginning of aeromodeling, agility and stability have been at odds. Build a model to be more stable and you lose some of the crisp response you need for aggressive aerobatics. Make a plane more agile and you’ll find yourself working harder to keep it in a desired attitude. No more! With a Spektrum™ receiver equipped with the AS3X (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) System, you can expand a model’s agility and stability without having to sacrifice either.


How It Works

The AS3X System works behind the scenes to stabilize an airplane in whatever attitude you command. It does so using a combination of sophisticated 3-axis sensing technology and exclusive flight control software tuned by expert RC pilots.

In a 3D aerobatic model, the AS3X System makes slow speed and knife-edge maneuvers feel much more stable even when the pitch and roll rates are set extremely high. In a scale park flyer or ultra micro, it will counter the effects of turbulence on windy days so the plane tracks beautifully and feels more precise. Maybe you‘re a scratch builder who finds that scaling and CG limitations make it tough to create agile or realistic looking models that aren‘t a handful to fly. The AS3X System can help here too. What the AS3X System does not do is limit control or fly the airplane for you. You always have control. The AS3X System simply gives you more.


Below is a sampling of Spektrum AS3X receivers and accessories. For a full list of available Spektrum AS3X products, please click here.



This marvelous advance in fixed-wing receivers combines a full-range 6-channel DSMX receiver with the AS3X System in a single compact unit. No special software interface or transmitter programming is required to take advantage of the AS3X System features. All adjustments to the type and amount of stability you want the system to provide can be made using LED indicators on the receiver and your transmitter’s control sticks.



You will need this AS6410NBL USB Interfac to adjust the AS3X System settings on the AS6410NBL receiver.



With the Spektrum™ AS6410NBL receiver/ESC unit, you can bring the benefits of the AS3X System to your favorite ultra micro flyer. The AS6410NBL combines this incredible technology with a 6-channel DSMX receiver, a 5A brushless speed control and four ultra micro servo connectors onto a single board. Programming is simple. You just download the AS3X settings that best match the type of aircraft you want to fly, tune them to your liking and upload them to the AR6410NBL using the required USB interface (SPMA3060 - sold separately).

The programming software that goes with the USB Interface is available for free on the manuals tab of the USB Interface product page. This product page is also where you'll find the pre-programmed AS3X setups, as well as a list of the other receivers the USB programmer and software is compatible with.