Spektrum Smart ESCs are designed to provide pilots and drivers with valuable telemetry feedback with no additional sensors or modules.

Smart ESC

From crawler vehicles to high-performance electric ducted fan jets, there is a Smart ESC for almost any application. They provide dependable power and telemetry feedback to make sure you are more connected to your model than ever before. Smart ESC's are programmable and updatable to get the latest features and benefits of the Smart ecosystem. Smart ESCs do more than regulate power. They also send valuable telemetry including current, voltage, cell balance, temperature, RPM and more to your compatible transmitter in real time. They provide a path to the data you need to reach peak performance and increase your confidence in the performance of your electronics. They are compact in size and ready to install with no soldering needed and their waterproof design on Firma ESC's perform well in nearly any terrain under almost any conditions.