DX5 Rugged 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter with SR6200A

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DX5 Rugged 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter with SR515
DX5 Rugged 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter with SR515
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When it was first introduced, the Spektrum DX5 Rugged 5-channel surface transmitter gave new meaning to durability — surviving the harshest conditions and abuse that any basher or crawler could put it through. This updated version adds the very latest Spektrum advances to the DX5 Rugged design to provide the ultimate experience in worry-free surface control.


  • Aggressive, ergonomic styling inspired by the popular DX5 Pro and DX5C transmitters
  • Unmatched durability with rubber-bumper chassis and water-resistant casing and components
  • Included Smart SR6200A receiver provides stability with AVC® and telemetry data when used with a Smart ESC and Smart battery (sold separately)
  • Non-slip removable rubber hand grip and off-road treaded steering wheel
  • Innovative thumb-steering lever for safe, precise one-handed operation
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen and improved, easy-to-use touch panel
  • Intuitive, user-tested software for easy programming
  • Five-channel, fully proportional versatility
  • Frequency-agile Spektrum DSMR® 2.4GHz technology
  • Steering mix, 4-wheel steering mixes, Motor-On-Axle (MOA), plus one assignable mix
  • Bind-progress screen displays status and frame rate
  • Convenient built-in tool storage compartment
  • Dual lanyard mounts
  • Built-in front chassis guard with accessory mounting options


Spektrum engineers have paired the DX5 Rugged transmitter with its perfect RC system partner, the SR6200A 6-channel receiver. The SR6200A includes the newest and best Spektrum exclusive technologies. Frequency-agile DSMR® technology provides superior range, response and signal security. AVC® (Active Vehicle Control) technology can be tuned easily to match your skill level or driving style for predictable handling at every speed.

The DX5 Rugged with SR6200A receiver is also ready out-of-the-box to support innovative Spektrum Smart technology. Smart Technology ensures that all of your model's electronics work together seamlessly for the greatest efficiency and performance. With a Spektrum Firma Smart ESC and Smart battery in your vehicle, you'll have real-time telemetry data available at your fingertips to keep you aware of every component's status and to boost your confidence in its capabilities.

This Smart compatibility joins many other features that have made the DX5 Rugged the standout favorite for heavy-duty surface control. The transmitter follows the ergonomic lessons of the popular Spektrum DX5C and DX5 Pro, while taking additional inspiration from cordless power tools for its die-hard design. Molded Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) bumpers defend it against damage from drops and bumps. There's no external antenna to snag — a low-profile ridge on the chassis protects the robust high-speed signal output internally.

A versatile front chassis guard enhances durability further and provides mounting options for user-integrated accessories such as a camera or light source. A pair of lanyard mounting points let you keep your hands free when not driving. A convenient accessory compartment can hold your small tools. Spektrum engineers also gave the transmitter extra water-resistance; an aggressive, off-road style steering wheel; and an innovative thumb-lever for safe, precise one-handed control.

The DX5 Rugged interface has been updated with a new, flat panel touch pad that responds with a smoother feel as you select programming menus, options and values on the large, easy-to-read LCD display. There's memory for up to 20 cars, crawlers, trucks, buggies and boats — enough for you to run all of your surface models with the most rugged and versatile radio available today.

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Unmatched Durability
Unmatched Durability

Inspired by the punishment capability of cordless power tools, Spektrum engineers combined superb ergonomics with a die-hard design to meet the specific durability needs of RC drivers. A shock-absorbing, rubberized bumper surrounds the DX5 Rugged transmitter chassis to create a level of protection never before offered in a surface transmitter.


SR6200A 6-Channel AVC<sup>®</sup> Receiver
SR6200A 6-Channel AVC® Receiver

Built around frequency-agile DSMR® technology, the included Spektrum SR6200A 6-channel receiver delivers superb range and response along with unbeatable signal security in a compact, easy-to-install package. AVC® (Active Vehicle Control) technology increases your stability on tough terrain. Compatible with innovative Smart Technology, the receiver also provides real-time telemetry data when used with a Smart ESC and Smart battery (available separately).


Smart Technology Ready
Smart Technology Ready

The Spektrum DX5 Rugged with SR6200A receiver comes ready to provide the advantages of state-of-the-art connectivity right out of the box by supporting the innovative, all-in-one telemetry of Spektrum Smart batteries and ESCs. Smart Technology ensures that all of your vehicle's electronics work together seamlessly for the greatest efficiency and performance. It keeps you aware of every component's status, boosts your confidence in its capabilities, and makes your entire system more responsive and simple to use.


Aggressive Styling
Aggressive Styling

The DX5 Rugged stands out as a transmitter platform that means business — handling the wildest terrain, the toughest conditions and the fiercest competition without worry. Its unmatched durability comes hand-in-hand with convenience. A built-in side compartment offers tool storage, and two lanyard mounts (one rubber, one molded into the chassis) let you be hands-free in an instant.


Inspired Ergonomics
Inspired Ergonomics

The ergonomically acclaimed DX5 Pro and DX5C transmitters paved the way in giving the DX5 Rugged a feel any driver will appreciate. Its overall low weight allows all-day driving with minimal fatigue, while the non-slip rubber grip and trigger-throttle action deliver precise control that feels perfectly natural.


Breakthrough Steering Control
Breakthrough Steering Control

The aggressive off-road steering wheel tread helps you keep a secure grip to deliver exact control input even when you're crawling, bashing or boating in harsh conditions. The integrated thumb-lever makes it possible to steer one-handed safely and with precision.


Improved Touch Panel
Improved Touch Panel

The DX5 Rugged interface has been upgraded with a new flat panel touch pad. It responds to the simple touch of your finger with a smoother feel and operation. The transmitter's large LCD display also helps make navigating the intuitive software easy.


Easy to Program
Easy to Program

Programming the DX5 Rugged is simple. An intuitive interface makes navigating menus and changing settings easy. Most users can complete even complex programming tasks on the fly.


AVC<sup>®</sup> (Active Vehicle Control<sup>™</sup>) Programming
AVC® (Active Vehicle Control) Programming

The DX5 Rugged makes it possible to custom-tune an AVC® system by providing easy access to dedicated adjustments. Open channels can be used to adjust the AVC® steering and throttle systems independently. No matter what you're driving, AVC® technology makes it feel like you're running a finely tuned vehicle that handles predictably at every speed.


Frequency-Agile DSMR<sup>®</sup> Technology
Frequency-Agile DSMR® Technology

The DX5 Rugged is built around frequency-agile DSMR® 2.4GHz technology. This exclusive Spektrum technology can be used in any type of surface application, including boats. Its range and response, particularly in noisy 2.4GHz environments, are superb. It's also backwards compatible with DSM2® and marine-specific Spektrum receivers.



Color Screen
Frame Rate
22ms, 11ms
Completion Level
Transmitter Only
Serial Port
Product Width
4.8" (122 mm)
Antenna Length
TX Integrated, RX 9" (229mm)
Bind Method
Bind Button
Operating System
Left / Right Hand Operation
Product Length
6.3" (160 mm)
Surface vehicles
Product Weight
14.2oz (402g
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type
(4) AA sold separately
Gimbal Type
Not Applicable
Input Voltage
3.5 - 9.6V
Product Height
9.9" (251 mm)
Data Port