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Three model types, voice alerts, 250-model memory, wireless trainer link, antenna diversity – you get it all with the DX6, and for a lot less than you might think.

DX6R 6-Channel DSMR Smart Radio System WiFi/BT



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DX6R 6-Channel DSMR Smart Radio System WiFi/BT

Item #: SPM6400


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Spektrum DSMR Race System DX6R

Now With

Raceware™ 2.0 Firmware

Limitless Possibilities

The DX6R is a no-compromise, smart radio that has everything a wide range of RC drivers could want and a few things they may have never thought they needed. Basher, racer, scaler, boater � it doesn't matter. Drive it ALL! You don't have to be an expert to enjoy what the DX6R delivers.

Below are just some of the favorite features users of all types are enjoying so far:

The Scaler

  • Easy to use Model Setup makes setting up AUX channels effortless
  • Total Motor-On-Axle Throttle Control
  • Four-Wheel Steering Customization
  • Innovative Drive Modes make changing how the vehicle performs as easy as a flip of a switch
  • Convenient Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity
  • Android and Google apps at your finger tips

The Racer

  • Steering Override maneuverability
  • Blazing 5.5-Millisecond Frame Rate
  • Racer inspired ergonomics
  • Near limitless customizations and adjustments
  • Strategize with Voice Alert Timers
  • Real-time results via WiFi Internet Access
  • ESC control via Android apps for Tekin, Orion and more

The Basher

  • Effortless Wizard-type Model Setup
  • Room for over 250 Models
  • Simple-to-adjust AVC® Technology
  • Bluetooth Model Transfer
  • Helpful Telemetry options for Voltage, Temp and Speed

The Boater

  • Loaded with Full 6-Channel Flexibility
  • Intuitive channel setup process makes setting up travel, trims, and mixing easy
  • DSMR® Technology Provides Outstanding Range Agility
  • On the Fly (OTF) adjustability makes instant trimming tweaks possible
  • Helpful Telemetry options for Temp and Voltage

Powerful Capabilities

Precision You Can Feel

Full-Color, Android Touch Screen

Literally 'tap' into the DX6R's programming features using its Android-powered, touch-screen interface.
The big color display makes navigating menus and adjusting settings as easy as it gets.

Change performance on the fly with Drive Modes

Change performance on the fly with Drive Modes

250 Model memory. Easy to use and customizable model select menu

250 Model memory. Easy to use and customizable model select menu

Telemetry Sensors Capable. keep an eye on Temp and Voltage

Telemetry Sensors Capable. keep an eye on Temp and Voltage

Steering override helps provide added control in those tight corners

Steering override helps provide added control in those tight corners

Raceware Logo

Update to

Raceware V2.0 Firmware

The Spektrum team is dedicated to keeping your DX6R highly-tuned with amazing new features
and updates. Here is what you get with new RaceWare V2. firmware:

  • The DX6R Scroll Wheel now has the added functionality of letting you scroll easily through menu screens.
  • The Steering Menu now offers Steering Override, which makes it possible to quickly change the rate of steering. With the simple toggle of a switch or button, smooth out response or take a curve even harder.
  • AVC Gain can now be fine-tuned in 1% increments so you can create a more dialed-in AVC experience.
  • The Model Setup Menu now has the most complete receiver and servo list possible.
  • Duplicating models is now faster and more seamless.
  • Improved Drive Mode naming and color assignment.
  • Aux Channel Naming is more intuitive by displaying names dynamically.
  • Optimized Channel Processor (CP) and Raceware App add significant stability and robustness to the overall operation.
  • In the unlikely event that the RaceWare app has a problem, users can assist with the investigation by completing a crash report that goes directly to Spektrum staff at the prompt.

Now with RaceWare™ 2.0 firmware installed

Key Features

  • Intuitive, full-color, Android-powered touch screen
  • WiFi connectivity for firmware updates and apps
  • Built-In Telemetry
  • Bluetooth model transfer for use with other DX6Rs
  • Wireless link for compatible FPV headsets
  • 5.5-millisecond frame rate with compatible receivers
  • Superb ergonomics you can customize
  • Voice alerts over speaker or through headphones
  • 250-model memory
  • AVC® programming for compatible receivers
  • SR6000T and SR2000 receivers included
  • Long-lasting Li-Ion battery with charging base
  • EN328 compatible

Product Specifications

# of Channels:
SR6000T and SR2000 included
Model Memory:
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type:


The DX6R smart radio will transform your driving experience. Touch-screen simplicity, WiFi connectivity, unbeatable DSMR® range and security, 5.5ms frame rates, telemetry, Bluetooth model transfer – you get it all and more.

Android-Powered Touch Screen
You can literally 'tap' into the DX6R's programming features using an Android-powered, touch screen. The big color display makes navigating menus and adjusting settings as easy as it gets.

WiFi Connection for Updates and Apps
When connected to WiFi, the DX6R gets even smarter. You can instantly make firmware and RaceWare™ updates, download model setups from other users and add approved third-party apps. The DX6R will even be able to alert you when new updates or setups become available.

Bluetooth Model Transfer
If you’re out driving with another DX6R owner, you can quickly and easily swap model setups via Bluetooth. No WiFi or SD card transfer necessary. Just link up and swap.

Built-In Telemetry
The built-in telemetry feature can give you real-time information on things like your vehicle's battery voltage, signal quality, motor temperature and more.* Using the voice alert system, you can program the DX6R to tell you when specific telemetry values reach or exceed limits you define. You can also have it call out a sequence of telemetry values on demand with the flip of a switch.

*Vehicle must be equipped with a telemetry-enabled receiver like the included SR6000T.

Frequency-Agile DSMR® Technology
The DX6R is built around frequency-agile, DSMR 2.4GHz technology. This exclusive Spektrum™ technology can be used in any type of surface application, including boats. Its range and response, particularly in noisy 2.4GHz environments, are superb.

Superb Ergonomics
Optimized weight distribution and an abundance of adjustable features make it easy to customize the DX6R’s ergonomics to your driving style. You will enjoy a sense of balance and comfort that perfectly complements the precision of DSMR technology, especially during long racing heats.

Ergonomic features include:

• Multiple wheel angle settings
• Adjustable trigger and steering tension
• Adjustable trigger position (fore-to-aft and side-to-side)
• Left- or right-hand steering
• Multiple drop-down options
• Three grip sizes
• Smooth, dual-ball bearing precision

Wireless Link for Spektrum FPV Headsets
This exclusive Spektrum technology makes it possible to link with specially-equipped Spektrum FPV headsets so you can wirelessly control head tracking or remotely change video frequencies.

5.5-Millisecond Frame Rate
When matched with a receiver capable of 5.5ms frame rates, the DX6R delivers lightning-fast response that gives new meaning to the word ‘connected’.

250-Model Memory
The enormous capacity of the DX6R’s on-board memory means you will rarely, if ever, need to juggle models between transmitter memory and your SD card.

Includes SR6000T Slim Receiver with Telemetry and SR2000 Race Receiver 
You can take advantage of all six channels and telemetry functions with the included SR6000T.

Programmable Voice Alerts
Keep tabs on important information without ever taking your eyes off what you’re driving. With the programmable voice alert system, you can have the DX6R call out lap times or report telemetry information. If an alarm goes off, you won’t have to look at the display to see what’s happening. The DX6R will tell you.

In addition to a built-in speaker, the DX6R has a headphone jack that allows you to monitor voice alerts using earbuds so you don’t bother other drivers.

Programming Features
The DX6R comes with an impressive list of programming features, some of which include:
• Up to 3 drive modes per model
• AVC® programming for compatible receivers
• Programmable mixes
• 7-Point throttle and steering curves
• Voice alert programming
• Dual rates and expo
And more!

Charging Base
You don’t have to remove the battery of plug in the transmitter when it comes time to recharge. The DX6R includes a handy charging base that doubles as a transmitter holder. Its compact footprint won’t clutter up your pit station or workbench either.

Manuals and Support

Software Updates

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Check for Updates


SERVICE BULLETIN: DX6R 6-Channel DSMR®Radio System (SPM6400)

November 10, 2016
Download PDF Version Here

Product: DX6R 6-Channel DSMR® Radio System

Issue: Closing the RaceWare™ application or opening a 3rd party application and not re-opening the RaceWare application will turn off RF transmission (sleep mode) at the pre-determined time limit (default 5 mins) if no inputs are made on the touch screen.

What To Do:  Always keep the RaceWare application open and visible on the screen while driving to avoid losing RF transmission while driving.



TIP: The Sleep Mode time can be Manually set from 15 seconds to Never. Within the Android Operating System, go to, Settings>Display>Sleep. If you intend to drive while using other apps such as the calculator or Adobe Reader, it is recomended to reprogram Sleep Mode to Never.

Alternately, if WiFi is turned on in system settings, even if it is not connected to a network, the RF transmission will not turn off.

Horizon Hobby, LLC disclaims all liability and warranties for any consumer who does not act upon this bulletin. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any questions, please call Horizon Hobby Product Support at 877-504-0233.
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4105 Fieldstone Rd

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If you purchased your product outside of the US and Canada, please see the retailer or distributor you purchased your product from for assistance.

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DSMR and RaceWare are trademarks or registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby, LLC. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. All other trademarks, service marks and logos are property of their respective owners. Patents pending. .

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