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AR10400T 10 Channel PowerSafe Telemetry Receiver



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AR10400T 10 Channel PowerSafe Telemetry Receiver

Item #: SPMAR10400T


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Product Specifications

AR10400T 10 Channel PowerSafe Receiver
# of Channels:
2.6" (66mm)
2.44" (62mm)
0.67" (17mm)
1.9oz (54g)
Voltage Range:
Experience Level:


In The Box
(1) AR10400T 10 Channel PowerSafe Receiver
(1) SPM4651T SRXL2 Remote Serial Telemetry Receiver
(2) SPM9747 SRXL2 DSMS Remote Receivers
(1) 9" SRXL2 Remote Receiver Extension
(1) 12" SRXL2 Remote Receiver Extension
(1) 24" SRXL2 Remote Receiver Extension
(2) Battery IC3 Connectors
(2) Charge Receptacles
(1) Aircraft Telemetry Volt Sensor
(1) Soft Switch
(1) Instruction Manual

-Patented PowerSafe™ redundancy system with dual battery input ports with IC3 connectors. Perfect for power hungry aircraft and high current servo applications drawing up to 35A (50A max burst)

-Forward programming allows for easy adjustments to failsafe settings, servo frame rate settings and more

-Micro USB port for easy product registration and firmware updates
12V capable for use with 12 volt servo applications (must be activated via Forward Programming)

-Integrated battery capacity monitor automatically reports the battery capacity used during flight and can reset automatically when fully charged batteries are installed

-Integrated Black Box telemetry log saves all telemetry data automatically when a Micro SD card is installed (Micro SD card not included)

-Integrated status LED provides helpful information during start up, warnings and mode indicators

-SRXL2 connectivity for easy, one wire connection to supported devices

-Ready to use with Spektrum Smart ESC for one-wire telemetry data without the need of modules, links and wires

-Receiver pack energy & voltage sensor and flight log telemetry data available without the need for additional sensors

-Full range telemetry with integrated barometer to provide altitude and vario telemetry without additional modules

-Included Soft Switch allows servo current to be routed around the switch, so if the switch fails for any reason, power to the system will not be interrupted.

-Rubber grommet hard mounts and minimalistic labeling helps produce the cleanest model setups

-Capable of high-speed 11ms frame rates
Binding is easier than ever with four options to initiate the bind process

-Integrated telemetry with built-in ports for RPM, flight pack voltage, temperature sensors and X-bus for telemetry sensor expansion

-Optional fourth SRXL2 remote receiver can be added for additional RF path redundancy (sold separately)

-Compatible with all Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX transmitters

-Not compatible with Spektrum AS3000 Stabilization Module

-Not compatible with DSM2 AIRMOD JR Module (SPMMSJR720)

The Spektrum™ AR10400T PowerSafe™ receiver is a feature-packed 10 channel receiver with integrated full-range telemetry. Spektrum PowerSafe receivers are designed for models using numerous servos and accessories that draw excess current such as those found on giant-scale airplanes and jet models. They feature a robust power bus designed to manage high-current loads, as well as dual battery input ports with IC3™ connectors for use with larger battery packs. This makes it possible to support high-current systems straight through the receiver without the need for a separate power distribution system.

If you have a DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter capable of 11ms frame rates, the AR10400T will deliver lightning-fast input-to-output response that is perfect for high-performance applications such as aggressive 3D , IMAC, and Turbine airplanes. Each receiver includes 3 SRXL2 remote receivers that take full advantage of Spektrum MultiLink™ technology. This patented technology eliminates the reflected signal fading and antenna blind spots that can affect all 2.4GHz systems, helping insure a solid connection between you and your aircraft.
As an added measure of safety, the Spektrum designed the AR10400T receiver with a proprietary soft switch. Allowing servo current to be routed around the switch, so, should the switch fail for any reason, power to the system will not be interrupted.

A ground-breaking feature on the AR10400T PowerSafe Receiver is the built-in receiver battery energy sensors; giving pilots added awareness of the load and mAh used by the servos, retracts, lights, etc. used by each battery.

Each come with built-in connection ports for RPM, Flight Pack Voltage and Temperature sensors as well as an X-Bus port for additional telemetry options.

Patented PowerSafe Redundancy System Patented PowerSafe™ Redundancy System
The Spektrum™ AR10400T is the ultimate solution for powering high-current draw radio systems. In aircraft with multiple high-current draw servos (e.g. giant-scale aircraft, jets, etc.), PowerSafe redundancy expertly manages power between both connected receiver batteries with true dual battery redundancy. Each battery is isolated and if one fails/shorts the other seamlessly takes over.

Innovative Battery Capacity Monitor Innovative Battery Capacity Monitor
The PowerSafe receivers feature dual battery capacity monitoring through telemetry when used with Spektrum AirWare™ transmitters. Activate the Auto Config function on the telemetry page in your transmitter to display the capacity consumed by the receiver. The capacity used is stored flight to flight and adds until reset. The capacity can be automatically reset when the battery is charged, allowing easy battery capacity monitoring.

Integrated "Black Box" Telemetry Logging Integrated "Black Box" Telemetry Logging
When a micro SD card is inserted into the receiver, during operation, flight information will be logged onto a file on the card including flight log data, battery status and other telemetry data stored over time. If not deleted, older data logs recorded will be deleted, keeping the most recent logs. This can be a handy tool to review flight data over time which can be helpful for diagnosis of performance.

Forward Programming Forward Programming
You can configure the AR10400T receiver wirelessly, directly from any compatible Spektrum™ transmitter, through the Forward Programming menu. No separate computer or mobile device is needed for setup and adjustments.

Micro USB Port Micro USB Port
A user-friendly Micro USB port is built into the receiver for easy access to firmware updates via the Spektrum PC Programmer Application.

Integrated Barometer Integrated Barometer
The Spektrum™ AR10400T receiver features an integrated barometer (built-in pressure sensor) to provide altitude and vario telemetry data without the need to purchase additional sensor modules.

Status LEDs Status LEDs
The Status LED will give information about the status of the receiver and give warning codes if there is an issue or condition detected: Differentiate codes/modes by flashing count.

-White Blinking/Breathing - Initializing, not ready to fly
-Red - Failure, failure where you can't fly. Check power or RF.
-Two blinks - 3S Power Detected/Protection engaged
-One blink - No remote detected in port A or not enough remotes detected, need at least 2 remotes connected and one must be in port A.
-Solid Blue - Ready (with recording). Ready to fly recording with SD card
-Solid Green - Ready (without recording). Ready to fly, not recording to an SD card.

Expansive Telemetry Options Expansive Telemetry Options
In addition to the integrated telemetry sensors, the AR10400T supports an expansive list of Spektrum telemetry sensors and 3rd party telemetry accessories. Easily add powerful telemetry data tools to your model such as GPS, Airspeed Sensors, Engine RPM and Turbine ECU telemetry from supported jet turbine controllers.