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SRXL2 Logo SRXL2 is a powerful bi-directional communications protocol that improves the speed, security, and richness of data transfer between your radio system and compatible on-board devices such as flight controllers and Smart ESCs. SRXL2 lowers the latency compared to legacy protocols and allows flight controllers to be configured directly from your Spektrum transmitter, without requiring a computer or smart device. You’ll also enjoy more responsive telemetry that can be customized precisely to your needs. And it’s all done over one signal wire!

Please note that SRXL2 is not backward-compatible with the legacy SRXL and remote receiver protocols. SRXL2 support updates may be required for your device to use SRXL2 receivers. See the download links on this page.


SRXL2 Screen examples SRXL2 is better – it's faster and offers expandable features. Connected devices can report whether they’re able to support bi-directional communication at a 400k baud rate or must default to 115.2k (at the higher baud rate, more bits per second can be transferred). Device installation and setup are made easier by the ability of SRXL2 to function using only one signal wire.

SRXL2 technology has paved the way for new developments that would be unattainable with the previous technology's limitations. And because its coding is available for open-source development, SRXL2 enables the RC community to create more compatible devices – all with consistent performance so you can use them with confidence.


In-House Development Research and development for the SRXL2 protocol was conducted by the Spektrum’s own experienced engineering and product development teams. Testing and validation were handled by Spektrum engineers, beta teams, and the R&D lab at Horizon Hobby. Because all of the development has been done in-house, the Spektrum team can respond quickly to the needs and wants of SRXL2 users. The open-source library code that has been made available for third-party use is the same one found in Spektrum receivers – making it easy for the RC community to create and support SRXL2-compatible devices.


Third-Party Support Logos The SRXL2 protocol is available as an open-source library code that’s identical to the one used in Spektrum receivers. This will allow other product developers to create their own SRXL2-compatible devices. If you're interested in bringing the innovation of SRXL2 to your products, follow these links to our code library.
Firmware targets
Smart Technology


Many new products are being developed by the Spektrum team that use the SRXL2 protocol. See the current lineup here:
SRXL2-Equipped Products
Some Spektrum brand products that use legacy technology can support the SRXL2 protocol after updates are installed. See them here:
SRXL2-Compatible with Updates