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DX8 DSMX Transmitter Only MD2

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Optional Accessories

Spektrum Single Stand Up Transmitter Case


Spektrum Single Aircraft Transmitter Case


Male/Female Universal Bind Plug


Charge Adapter: Spektrum TX Battery NiMh/LiPo


TM1000 DSMX Full-Range Aircraft Telemetry Module


TM1100 DSMX Fly-By Aircraft Telemetry Module


Stick End 24mm Black w/ Silver


Stick End 34mm Black w/ Silver


Gimbal Stick 24mm Org: DX6i, DX7s, DX8,DX9, DX18QQ


Gimbal Stick 34mm Org: DX6i, DX7s, DX8,DX9,DX18QQ


12" Aircraft Telemetry Extension


24" Aircraft Telemetry Extension


Telemetry Battery Voltage Sensor: Servo


Air Telemetry Flight Pack Voltage Sensor: JST


Telemetry Battery Voltage Sensor: EC3/IC3


Air Telemetry Flight Pack Voltage Sensor: D. Ultra


Spektrum DSMX Telem Brushless RPM Sensor Air Only


Aircraft Telemetry RPM Sensor and Bracket


Telemetry Battery Voltage Sensor: 3-pin


Spektrum DSMX/DSMR Telemetry Temperature Sensor


Aircraft Telemetry Airspeed Indicator


Aircraft Telemetry 3-Axis G-Force Sensor: 8G


Aircraft Telemetry Variometer Sensor


AR8010T 8CH Air Integrated Telemetry Receiver


4000mAh LiPo Transmitter Battery