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Ozone BNF Basic



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Ozone BNF Basic

Item #: BLH9750


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Product Specifications

Multi Rotor
Main Rotor Diameter:
Gross Weight:
Motor Size:
BNF Basic
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Is Assembly Required:


Brushed Motors
Efficient brushed motors contribute to long flight times while maintaining a light profile.

Easy Maintenance
Simple construction and low part count make maintaining the Ozone stress-free. Easy-to-replace arms, propellers, and motors help get you back in the air quickly should you need any repairs.

The size of the Ozone allows it to be flown both indoors and out.

Bind-N-Fly® Basic
BNF convenience means no more extra transmitters. Just bind your DSM2®/DSMX® transmitter to your aircraft and you’re ready to fly.

Achieve first-flight success with the Blade® Ozone™ BNF® Basic. The Ozone brings an intimidation-free and easy experience for new pilots looking for a multirotor trainer. Innovative SAFE® Technology gives pilots a confidence-inspiring flight experience, even if they have never flown before. From the lightweight and strong carbon fiber and impact-resistant frame to the easy repairs, this quadcopter makes learning to fly easy. LEDs adorn each arm making orientation easy to maintain. A removable 1S LiPo battery drives efficient and light brushed motors for long flight times. Add your own flight battery and bind a full-range 6+ channel DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter to your Blade® Ozone™ BNF® Basic and take to the skies.

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  • Main Gear: BMSR, mCP S/X[BLH3506]

  • Prop, CW & CCW Rotation, Black: 180 QX HD, mQX[BLH7406]

  • Motor with Pinion, Clockwise Rotation: mQX[BLH7503]

  • Motor with Pinion, Counter-Clockwise Rotation: mQX[BLH7504]

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  • Ultra Micro-4, 4x9W, AC/DC Battery Charger[EFLC1105A]