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Team Losi Racing 22SCT RTC Preview

04/16/2013 by Gary Katzer

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     Team Losi Racing™ vehicles, such as the 22™ buggy, 22T™ stadium truck and 22™SCT short course truck, have all had a hand in revitalization 1/10-scale  off-road racing. While the designs and performance have made these vehicles truly stand out, once again, the bar has been raised with the Team Losi Racing 22SCT RTC™ (Ready-to-Compete™) short course truck. While others have made Ready-to-Run versions of race platforms in the past, RTC represents a different completion level and attitude. With an RTC vehicle, such as the 22SCT we have here, the idea is that you should be able to take the car or truck out of the box, pick up a battery pack and charger and be able to race that at a competitive level. The Team Losi Racing designers and engineers have done their homework to make sure that this is not only a well-equipped and put-together truck from the box, but that it also has what it takes to win at just about any level of competitive racing.

     The main question here is what makes this “RTC” is more than just another version of an RTR. First and foremost, the vehicle itself is virtually identical to the kit version of the vehicle. Where often times lesser grade materials are used in RTRs to reduce the price, or components are changed to alter durability, the 22SCT RTC is practically the exact same as you would get if you built the kit. It has all the same suspension geometry, shock angles, camber locations, composite materials and tuning options out-of-box as its kit-cousin. This means that every single tuning and option part for the 22SCT kit also fits the RTC version. Now one minor point of differentiation is the fact that the 22SCT RTC vehicle comes setup with, and only includes, the parts for the rear-motor configuration. Never fear though, as all of the mid-motor parts and pieces are a direct-fit with the 22SCT RTC.

     Next, race-legal and tailored electronics are included that will allow you to take the truck and throw it down and, not only be out there to turn laps, but be competitive doing it. The 22SCT RTC package features a ROAR-legal 17.5T Dynamite Platinum™ sensored brushless motor that will allow you to race in any “stock” or 17.5T class. The 22SCT RTC also features the new Dynamite “Blinky” ESC that meets ROAR specs regarding the no timing/no boost classes that have become so popular. This is truly a potent 1-2 combination where your power plant is concerned. The ESC also features a Li-Po cutoff, making it ready for the latest generation of Li-Po batteries.

     The radio system is another place where they went with the right gear. For starters, a Spektrum™ DX2L transmitter is included as standard equipment. The DX2L has a lot of great features, such as throttle and steering endpoint adjustment and a nifty switch to instantly adjust your throttle output to 50%, 75% or 100%, all depending on the skill level of the driver. Receiving the signals from the transmitter is a genuine Spektrum SR3520 DSM2® receiver. This is the receiver of choice for many Pros, again driving home the no-compromise idea behind RTC. Keeping the truck aimed in the right direction is a Losi® servo with plenty of speed and torque to get your front tires turned and held in-place against cornering forces.

     Rounding out the 22SCT RTC package are a bunch of great features. For starters, the truck comes equipped with the same high-performance SCT body as the kit, pre-painted in a bright yellow and black trim scheme. One of the coolest features about this body is that you can cut out different parts to help release trapped air and improve the handling of the truck. Unlike the kit version, however, the 22SCT RTC version does include a set of tires. These new Team Losi Racing tires have a great looking tread pattern that should work well on more loosely-packed outdoor tracks. The tires are mounted to 5-spoke wheels and include both the faux bead locks and the dish wheel inserts.

     We had a chance to visit with the man behind the revitalization of Team Losi Racing, Todd Hodge. We spoke with Todd about what the Ready-to-Compete completion level is and what it means to all of us. Todd also shared some insights on the truck itself and gives some tuning tips too. Make sure you check out our comprehensive video to help answer all your questions on the Team Losi Racing 22SCT RTC.