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Direct Seq. Spread Spectrum

Wideband DSSS: A Solid, Secure Foundation

All Spektrum DSM® technology, from the first DSM protocol to DSM2™ and DSMX™, has been built on the superior on-channel interference resistance and coding gain of wideband DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum). Compared to the wideband signal of a DSM2 or DSMX system, the narrow-band signal of other 2.4 transmitters is more likely to suffer crucial data loss in the event of on-channel interference. Think of wideband 2.4 as a river and narrow-band 2.4 as a stream. It takes much more interference to stop a river than it does to stop a stream.

The big reason wideband is so robust is coding gain. Essentially what this means is that the unique coding in a Spektrum wideband signal allows it to be heard well above the noise of surrounding 2.4GHz signals without requiring any more power. In fact, a Spektrum wideband signal can achieve as much as 3X the range of its narrow-band competition using the same amount of power.