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FAQs & Tech Tips

Tech Tips



Q. Is the Spektrum AR7200BX the same as the MicroBeast by BeastX?

A. The Spektrum AR7200BX is a 7 channel receiver that incorporates the BeastX technology all in one unit.

Q. How do I save the changes after setting or programming the Spektrum AR7200BX?

A. To save any changes continue to advance through the menu options until the receiver restarts. Do not unplug the power while in the setup or parameters menu.

Spektrum DX8/DX7s

Q. how can I tell if my Spektrum transmitter is affected by a product bulletin?

A. Please refer to the product page for your specific transmitter on Horizonhobby.com or Spektrumrc.com for the most up to date information regarding Important Product Bulletin's.

Q. I have a DX8/AR8000 or AR600 that say DSM2. How can I tell if they it is DSMX capable?

A. Please check your firmware version for the DX8. This can be found in the SYSTEM SETTINGS. If your firmware version is less than 2.0 your transmitter will need to be updated. Please register your radio on Community.Spektrumrc.com for further information on updating the firmware. Updates are not needed for the receivers as they are already DSMX capable. All AR8000 and AR600 receivers were manufactured as DSMX, those labeled DSM2 were released prior to the announcement of DSMX.

Q. Can the DX7s/DX8 save telemetry information for later playback?

A. Yes, as long as your transmitter has been updated with the most current firmware. Telemetry logging was introduced to the DX8 with version 2.05 and the DX7s with version 1.02. For a complete list of software features please register your radio at community.spektrumrc.com

Q. What receivers are compatible with the DX7s/DX8 transmitters?

A. These transmitters are compatible with all Spektrum and JR DSM2/DSMX receivers. Note: The original AR6000 is NOT compatible with any of the DSMX transmitters.

Q. Can I change Modes on my TX?

A: Yes, please consult your manual for information on performing the mode change.

Q. Can I transfer model programs from one transmitter to another?

A. Yes, however the two transmitters must be the same model type. DX8 to DX8, DX7s to DX7s.

Q. I want to use the recommended LiPO battery for my transmitter. How do I charge it?

A. The transmitter includes the charging circuitry necessary for both NiMH and LiPO batteries. There are no separate chargers of power supplies needed.

Q. I’m having trouble getting my transmitter to update. I have the file downloaded but my radio is not updating.

A. Ensure that you have downloaded the update file for your registered transmitter. The firmware file for a different transmitter will not work.

A. Ensure that the file name has not been changed and is in the root directory of the SD card

A. Please try a different SD card.

Spektrum DX6i

Q. I turn on my DX6i and all it does is beep and flashes words on screen that say T-HOLD or F-MODE or Both, what do I do?

A. The DX6i has a Safety feature that will not allow it to function unless your Throttle Hold switch and your Flight Mode switch are in the 0 (off) Position. This is to keep your transmitter from inadvertently applying power to your aircrafts motor upon initialization of your radio system. If you are experiencing this, simply flip all your switches to the 0 (off) position and the radio will power on.