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DX6i 6-Channel Full Range w/o Servos MD2

Technical Notes

DX6i Software Features:

The DX6i comes equipped with all the programming features you need to fly most any sport, 3D or pattern airplane. It also includes helicopter programming.

• Integrated Timer
• Dual Rate and Expo
• Dual Speed Trim Scroll
• Model Name
• Model Type
• Throttle Cut
• Trainer Mode
• Model Copy
• Travel Adjust
• Sub Trim
• Servo Monitor

• Flap
• P-Mixes (2)
• Flap-Elevator Mix
• Dual Aileron Mix
• V-tail Mix
• Delta Mix
• Aileron Differential

• Gyro Adjust
• Graphic Throttle Curve
• Graphic Pitch Curve
• P-Mixes (2) 
• Revo
• Swash Type: Normal, 120-deg CCPM