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DX7 7Ch Air w/AR7000 & 4-DS821 MD2

Detailed Information

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The DX7 DSM2 transmitter features airplane and heli software, 20-model memory and all the programming functions you would ever need for anything requiring 7 channels. And the large dot-matrix, LCD screen makes accessing and using the software simple and straightforward.
The four DS821 servos that come with the DX7 put out an impressive 72 oz/in of torque that is suitable for a wide range of electric, gas or glow aircraft. Their digitally precise output is further enhanced by a robust, high-tech resin gear train that is exceptionally durable for reliable performance flight after flight.
The AR7000 Dual Receiver is capable of providing outstanding signal reception beyond visual range, so you can rest assured you have locked-in, precise control no matter how fast you fly.
3-Position Flap Mixing:
The DX7 incorporates a three-position flap system that allows the flap and elevator positions to be preset in all three switch positions. An auto function automatically retracts the flaps when the throttle is raised above a preset point such as during an aborted landing or touch-and-go
Switch Assignment:
The DX7 offers switch assignment that lets you conveniently combine dual rates on one of many switches or program them to be activated separately.
Single Screen Dual Rate/Exponential:
Punch in dual rate and exponential values in the same screen for aileron elevator and rudder and see the result clearly and graphically depicted on the displayed curve.
5-Point Heli Throttle and Pitch Curves:
Four flight modes (normal, stunt 1, stunt 2 and hold) are available, each with its own five-point throttle and pitch curve. Graphical depiction of the curves makes adjustments clear and easy to understand.
Servo Monitor:
Keep real-time tabs on each channel’s control position, direction of movement and mixing relationship with this all-in-one servo monitor that can help you visualize mixes before flying.
CCPM Mixing:
The DX7 supports mechanical mix helis as well as 3 types of CCPM mixing, including 2 servo 90°, 3 servo 90° and the most common 3 servo 120°. Swashplate aileron, elevator and pitch values are independently adjustable, making precise setup easy.
Gyro Sensing:
The gyro function allows two gyro gain presets that can be automatically accessed via flight modes or with the rudder dual rate switch.

Technical Notes

This version of the DX7 is configured to default to airplane model type (all heli programming is available), has a 3 position flap switch on the front, left face, ch 5 gear switch on the upper left shoulder, a ratcheted throttle (smooth included in package), and switch labeling appropriate to aircraft.



7 Channels
20-model memory
Aircraft and Heli programming
2.4GHz DSM2 Full Spectrum System
Fully Digital trims
1500 NiMH battery


7 Channels
Features external and internal receiver
Servo Synchronization


DS821 Sport Digital Servos

Torque: 72 oz/in @ 4.8v, 88 oz/in @ 6.0v
Speed: .19 sec/60 deg @ 4.8V, .15 sec/60 deg @ 6.0V
Size: 1.50 x .94 x 1.47 in
Weight: 1.5 oz
Ball-Bearing: Single
Motor: Cored

Programming Features:

System Mode

Model Select
Model Name
Model Type Select
Model Reset
Trainer System Select
Throttle Recovery
Input Select (Switch Select-ability for Aux 2 and Gear)
Wing Type
Swashplate Type
Dual Rate Switch Select

Airplane Function Mode

Dual Rates
Servo Reverse
Sub Trim
Travel Adjust
Elevator to Flap Mix
Aileron to Rudder Mix
Flap System
Programmable Mix (1-6)
Servo Monitor

Helicopter Function Mode

Dual Rates
Servo Reverse
Sub Trim
Travel Adjust
Swashplate Mix
Throttle Curve (3) (5 pt mix)
Pitch Curve (4) (5 pt mix)
Revolution Mix
Gyro Sensing
Servo Monitor
P-Mix (3)