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DSMX Remote Receiver

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The "DSMX Remote Receiver" is used in the following:

Used In...

Super Decathlon 100cc ARF
(HAN1070) as a Completion Guides


DX6 G3 6-CH DSMX Transmitter w/AR6600T RX MD2
(SPM6755) as a Optional Accessories

The Spektrum™ DX6 has been designed from the ground up to deliver way more than you would ever expect from a 6-channel transmitter in its price range.


AR12020 12-Channel DSMX/XPlus Receiver
(SPMAR12020) as a Included


AR12120 12-Channel DSMX/XPlus PowerSafe Receiver
(SPMAR12120) as a Included


Recalled AR12300T Reorder as SPMAR12310T
(SPMAR12300T) as a Parts Listing


AR12310T 12CH PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry RX
(SPMAR12310T) as a Parts Listing


Recalled AR20300T Reorder as SPMAR20310T
(SPMAR20300T) as a Parts Listing


AR20310T 20CH PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry RX
(SPMAR20310T) as a Parts Listing


AR6210 6-Channel DSMX Receiver
(SPMAR6210) as a Included

Spektrum’s full-range DSMX 6-channel receiver


AR636 6-Channel AS3X Sport Receiver
(SPMAR636) as a Optional Accessories


AR6600T 6 Ch Air Integrated Telemetry Receiver
(SPMAR6600T) as a Parts Listing


AR7010 7-Channel DSMX Receiver
(SPMAR7010) as a Included


AR7610 7-Channel DSMX Hi Speed Receiver
(SPMAR7610) as a Included

Spektrum ultra fast and compact 7-channel full-range receiver.


Spektrum Serial Receiver with PPM, SRXL, Remote Rx
(SPMAR7700) as a Parts Listing

The AR7700’s seamless, one-wire connection and multiple output options make it easy to use a Spektrum radio system with the most popular multi-rotor flight controllers. A remote receiver is included.


AR8000 8-Channel DSMX Receiver
(SPMAR8000) as a Included


AR9010 9-Channel DSMX Receiver
(SPMAR9010) as a Included


AR9010 9-Channel DSMX Receiver
(SPMAR9010) as a Optional Accessories


AR9110 9-Channel DSMX PowerSafe Receiver
(SPMAR9110) as a Included

The most sophisticated 9-channel receiver now adds safety to your power system solution.


Recalled - AR9130T, Reorder as SPMAR9140T
(SPMAR9130T) as a Parts Listing


AR9140T 9CH PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry RX
(SPMAR9140T) as a Parts Listing


AR9210 9Ch DSMX PowerSafe Evolution Receiver
(SPMAR9210) as a Included