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DX5R 5CH DSMR Tx w/SR6000T

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Optional Accessories

Spektrum DX6R Transmitter Case


Charge Adapter: Spektrum TX Battery NiMh/LiPo

Note: Needed to charge optional battery


Grip Set, S, M, L: DX6R


Large Wheel w/Foam: DX6R


Small Wheel w/Foam: DX6R

Note: The 36 degree cam must be used.


Wedges, 10/15 Deg: DX6R


Wheel Cam Set, 32/36 Deg: DX6R


Grip Attachment Tape: DX6R


2000 mAh TX Battery: DX9,DX7S,DX8


MR4000 DSMR 4 Ch Marine Receiver


SR2000 DSMR Micro Race Receiver


SR2010 DSMR Micro Race Rx


SR310 DSMR 3 Ch Sport Rec

The waterproof SR310 is a great choice for bashers or boaters who want an affordable receiver that can handle the worst nature and the RF environment can throw at it.


SR4000T 4 Ch DSMR 4CH Slim Surface Rec w/Telemetry

Making use of the telemetry functions in your DSMR® transmitter is easy with the SR4000T receiver. It comes equipped with a built-in telemetry module as well as data ports for voltage, temperature and RPM sensors.


SR410 4-Channel DSMR Sport Surface Receiver


SR415 DSMR 4 Ch Sport Rec


SRS4210 DSMR AVC Surface Rx


S6240RX High Speed Digital Servo w/Receiver