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Related Parts

Rockstar 48-inch Catamaran Gas Powered: RTR

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Optional Accessories

3-In-1 Tuning Screwdriver


Magnum Force 2 Motor Spray, 13 oz

With its aggressive cleaning action, Magnum Force Motor Spray powers away the dirt . . . . safely!


Prophet Sport LiPo 35W AC Charger


2 Cycle Oil, 100cc: 5IVE-T


Grease Gun with Marine Grease 5 oz


Marine Grease 5 oz


CA, Medium, 1 oz.


Clear Flexible Marine Tape (18M)


Start Up Tool Set: Proboat


Deluxe Ball Link Pliers: All

High grade carbon steel pliers that remove and attach most brands of heli ball links.


G23RC Wrench Tool