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Veles 29-inch Catamaran Brushless: RTR

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Optional Accessories

Nut Driver: 4mm


Nut Driver: 5.5mm


Nut Driver: 8mm


5 pc Metric Hex Driver Assortment


GPS Speed Meter


Reaction HD 7.4V 5000mAh 2S 50C LiPo,Hardcase: EC5


Reaction HV7.6V 5000mAh 2S 50C LiPo Hardcase:EC5

Note: Use these batteries for more consistent power delivery.


Reaction HV 11.4V 5000mAh 3S 50C LiPo,Hardcase:EC5

Note: Use these batteries for more consistent power delivery.


EC5 Device Charge Lead, 12AWG


Passport Duo 400W Dual AC/DC Touch Charger


Grease Gun with Marine Grease 5 oz


Marine Grease 5 oz


Infrared Temp Gun/Thermometer w/ Laser Sight

The Mini Infrared Temperature Gun is a professional grade infrared thermometer with features and specifications to meet practically any measurement application.


Hook and Loop Tape Set, Waterproof 75x25mm 4pcs


Clear Flexible Marine Tape (18M)


Start Up Tool Set: Proboat


LiPo Cell Voltage Checker


KX50D Duo 2 x 50W AC/DC Charger


Propeller, CW, 1.4x1.65 3/16 shaft


Propeller, CCW, 1.4x1.65 3/16 shaft


DX2E ACTIVE 2Ch DSMR Radio w/SR310

The DX2E ACTIVE radio system brings a new level of fun and performance to the budget radio class. Not only do you get an abundance of standard features, but you have the options of adding a speedometer or Bluetooth connectivity for the Spektrum Dashboard.


DX5R 5CH DSMR Tx w/SR6000T

The 5-channel DX5R combines pro-level ergonomics and mechanics with an abundance of features like full-range telemetry, ABS, 4-wheel steering, programming for AVC® receivers and more. And you get it all for a lot less than you might think.


DX6R 6CH Smart Radio w WIFI/BT


MR4000 DSMR 4 Ch Marine Receiver


9KG Servo, WP, Metal Center Case, 23T


S6250 Ultra Torque High Speed Digi WP Metal Servo