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How-To Balance Your Propeller

04/13/2011 by John Redman

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As we continue to push the envelope with our models, we are always looking for that next level of performance. We install larger engines or motors, performance mufflers, faster servos and other equipment that helps improve the overall performance of the model. We routinely overlook one part which can damage a models performance as well as its components. The invisible enemy of propeller vibration can damage electronics, engine bearings and weaken structures over time. We show you how to remove that vibration from your model to help you find a smoother running model with better performance over time.

This video shows you how to balance your prop using one of the best balancers in the industry. We explain and show setup of the balancer, what to look for when balancing, how to remove material or add material to a prop, as well as the final checks. Balancing props takes time and patience so we walk you through the process step by step to help you be successful in getting the most out of your balancer. Help lessen the vibration in your model by watching this video and learning the ins and out's of balancing propellers.