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Review - ParkZone Sukhoi BNF

07/17/2009 by Jim Booker

Copyright:© 2009 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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Here is a new airplane that many of us have been waiting anxiously to arrive. This micro flyer introduces a new level of performance to these tiny models. Since it is only available as a Bind n Fly model the pilot will have to provide their own DSM2 transmitter. Everything else is included in the “carry” box. Assembly only requires that you slip the landing gear in place. It actually takes longer to put the batteries in the charger. Binding the model to your transmitter is very easy as you will see in our video. The aircraft uses throttle, aileron, elevator and rudder control. An installed Spektrum AR6400 receiver is actually a 6 channel unit with integrated esc, elevator and rudder servos all on the receiver board.  The ailerons have a separate servo.

Our video review will outline the features and setup for the micro Sukhoi, we think you will learn a few things when you watch it.

You’re going to be surprised when you make that first take off. Tiny models like this require a bit different setup than is common to larger aircraft so the following transmitter settings will make sure you have an uneventful first flight.

*Futaba transmitters using Spektrum modules will use negative exponential settings.