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Inside the Spektrum DX6i

10/22/2007 by Gary Katzer

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The Spektrum DX6i Brings Full-range DSM to Everyone.

With the advent of Spektrum 2.4GHz technology, operating a radio controlled vehicle has never been easier. Spektrum technology eliminates frequency control worries while relegating glitching to a distant memory. While many pilots around the world have been enjoying the benefits of Spektrum radios and modules for some time, there are others who have been waiting on the sidelines for the right time to make the jump. The wait is over as the Spektrum DX6i brings full-range 2.4GHz DSM2 technology to the masses. From the DX6i’s innovative design, intuitive roller selector, backwards compatibility and budget-friendly price the Spektrum DX6i clearly breaks new ground

Features at a Glance
  • DSM2 Technology
  • Full-range operation
  • 10-model memory
  • Roller Selector
  • Large and easy-to-read Dot Matrix display
  • Trainer Mode
  • Dual Rate and Expo adjustments on all primary channels, including rudder
  • Heli and Airplane programming
  • Gyro adjustments
  • Graphic throttle and pitch curves
  • Channel Mixing
  • Compatible with any existing Spektrum Air Receiver including the AR6000
All-New Design

Regardless of the groundbreaking technology inside a radio, if a radio’s ergonomics aren’t comfortable the appeal of any radio is already suspect. The goal of any radio design should be one that invites people to pick it up and hold it. The Spektrum DX6i is a completely new, from-the-ground-up radio designed with comfort and ease-of-use in mind. From feedback engineers and designers have received from the original DX6 transmitter, the DX6i features tweaks and refinements that allow anyone to pick one up and be successful with it. The DX6i’s attractive and ergonomic design feels comfortable in your hands, providing the in-flight confidence that you are holding something substantial compared to something cheap or toyish. For those times when you need to make trim adjustments in the air, the trims are all located within easy reach

A new switch arrangement adds functionality that other radios in the DX6i’s class simply don’t have. In addition to the traditional elevator and aileron dual-rate switches, the DX6i adds in a third rudder dual-rate switch. While this seems like a minor option, it’s one that can definitely enhance your flight experience. Learning how to navigate through cumbersome menu systems can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. The DX6i eliminates the need to memorize switch movements or combinations to navigate through the menu system. Instead of a half-dozen or more buttons and switches like some radios have, the DX6i features a single easy-to-use roller selector. The three-way roller selector allows you to scroll up or down through the menu along with selecting a menu item by simply pressing it in. Speaking of the menu system, it’s displayed on a class-leading dot matrix LCD display that is both large and easily read.

Proven Technology

The DX6i is a true full-range transmitter thanks in no small part to the DSM2 technology in the DX6i. Full-range operation allows you to fly anything from foamies and park flyers to trainers and glow/gas powered planes. Team pilots and engineers have been testing and using the same DSM2 technology that the DX6i utilizes for over two years now in both the Spektrum DX7 and Spektrum Air Modules. Thanks to the DX6i’s DSM2 technology, you have the freedom to fly what you want, where you want and when you want. With the DX6i, frequency control is a thing of the past thanks to advancements in security such as collision avoidance and ModelMatch. ModelMatch, an exclusive Spektrum feature, protects you from flying a plane with the wrong memory location selected in your radio. The DX6i provides an overall safer flight experience every time you fly.

Powerful Programming

The DX6i includes advanced programming options that, in the past, you needed to pay hundreds of dollars more for. The DX6i is the perfect radio for just about anyone looking for a full-featured radio system for their aircraft, excelling thanks to its feature-rich and easy-to-use menu system. From basic trim adjustments to heli-specific programming, it’s all here. The DX6i features a 10-model memory making it possible for you to fly all your aircraft with one radio. Finding each memory location couldn’t be easier thanks to the multi-character naming ability that the DX6i has. The DX6i is not just for airplanes either as advanced Heli features are loaded into the DX6i. The deep and rich heli programming makes the DX6i the ideal radio for this application. From gyro adjustments, graphic throttle and pitch curves and a number of different swash plate programming types, the DX6i can fly any helicopter. In fact, the DX6i was selected to be the included radio system with the E-flite Blade 400 heli; you won’t find a much better vote of confidence than that.

Receiver Options

You can fly any number of different plane types with the DX6i thanks to its DSM2 technology. Installing a DX6i in any plane is as easy as selecting a new memory location and installing the appropriate receiver. The included AR6200 can be installed in any aircraft requiring 6-channel operation or less. In addition to the AR6200, the DX6i is compatible with any current Spektrum air receiver. Thanks to their small size and light weight, the optional AR6100 or AR6300 receivers are the perfect choices for park flyers, micro helis and other small aircraft. The DX6i is also backwards-compatible with the AR6000— making the DX6i the perfect upgrade for current DX6 owners.

Whether the DX6i would be your first radio, second radio or tenth radio you own, it has the features and programming to allow you to fly with confidence anytime, anywhere. The DX6i is sure to impress even the most discerning pilot. Thanks to the advancements in DSM2 technology, the DX6i provides you with the solid RF link you desire to feel absolutely connected to your model.